The success of your garage build begins with the design.

Design is by far the most important—and often most overlooked—phase of a garage project. If adequate attention isn’t given to the design phase, the end result will be a garage that:

  • Performs poorly or is structurally unsound.
  • Doesn’t meet your functional needs.
  • Lacks visual appeal.
  • Doesn’t meet the code requirements to pass final inspection.
  • Requires additional costs to correct problems.

A new garage is too large of an investment to be anything other than 100% confident about.

Call Everlast Construction Solutions to get the job done right the first time! We design and build custom garages for homeowners in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and throughout the greater Twin Cities metro area.

Important considerations when renovating your garage.

When hiring the right professional to renovate your garage, it is very important to take into account:

Size, Location, Elevation

Site, Preparation, Foundation/Concrete Flatwork

Style/Appearance, Heating, Functions

Access, Electrical, Code Requirement, Budget

Everlast is your best option to renovate your garage




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